Friday, June 21, 2013

PC Touch Screens and the Freedom Arm

The consumer market use of touch screens first exploded in 2007 with Apple’s adoption of touch screen technology for the iPhone.  Ever since then, touch screen technology has expanded rapidly due to increasing demand for touch screen interfaces, particularly in mobile consumer devices.  Today, touch screen PC monitors are becoming the new norm in a variety of settings as well as the new must-have technological device for consumers and companies across the globe.

Interactions with your PC have been made faster, easier, and even more entertaining with the development of touch screen PC monitors.  The tapping and swiping that is required on a touch screen display results in more direct, immediate, and intuitive interactions with your device.  If you’ve grown accustomed to the fluid nature of working with the touch screen on your smart phone or tablet, a touch screen computer monitor will be just as easy to use, which is why PC touch screens are becoming such a sought-after innovation!

However, critics of the PC touch screen claim that its users will suffer from “Gorilla arm”, a term that has been used to describe the tired arms that users of touch screens will get as a result of reaching out and touching a screen for an extended period of time.  Fortunately enough for the many consumers and companies across the world that are eager to keep up with the hottest trends in technology, there is a solution for this so-called “Gorilla arm”!!

The Freedom Arm by Ergotech Group is a unique monitor mounting arm that easily mounts to any standard desk, frees up the valuable desk space that you deserve, and allows your monitor to move freely around the workspace.  The Freedom Arm can be used to mount a touch screen computer monitor and thus forever do away with the “Gorilla arm” issue.  This is because with the Freedom Arm at your disposal, you can sit in a perfectly comfortable upright position at your desk and bring your touch screen monitor to you using only one hand.  Once your monitor has been extended with ease so that it is directly in front of you, the Freedom Arm will allow you to position it at any angle that is most comfortable for you.  You can even position it in front of you on your desk as flat as a keyboard!!!  Then you will be able to use your touch screen monitor to do your work comfortably and efficiently without having to awkwardly reach out or strain your body in any way.  Not to mention, this solution frees up your desk space even more than using the Freedom Arm with a regular PC or iMac monitor would because the touch screen monitor allows you to get rid of your clunky keyboard and mouse!

Model FDM-FDM-PC-S02          Model FDM-MAC-S01

The Freedom Arm line offers a Single monitor solution for the iMac and both a Single and Double monitor solution for the PC.  With all of these solutions, you can adjust the monitor height, enjoy full range of motion for your monitor(s), and be able to tilt your monitor(s) up 90°, down 45°, pan 180°, and rotate 360°!  

All Freedom Arms come with a 3 Year Warranty!

For more information about Ergotech’s Freedom Arm line, please CLICK HERE.


Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
June 21, 2013