Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Use Two Monitors At Once??

100-D16-B02 Dual

 The Freedom Dual Desk Stand by Ergotech Group requires minimal desk space and ensures increased productivity when two monitors are used at once in a single workspace. “But why??”… You ask…“would I need to use two monitors at once?” We all come across the need to effectively compare two full-size documents side by side.  It becomes frustrating having to constantly minimize one and maximize the other.  Alternating between the two can be a hassle, and you never actually get to view the two side-by-side next to each other…at least not in full-size! Ever want to view an extremely wide webpage without having to scroll back and forth with each single line you read? 

How perfect would it be to read the whole webpage with ease across two LCD monitors in horizontal position side-by-side?! Don’t forget those super wide spreadsheets that require tons and tons of never-ending scrolling!  With our various configurations available, LCD monitors can be aligned left to right in horizontal position or even one on top of the other in vertical position for those long documents!

Each of these workspace tasks can be made possible with a remarkable amount of ease thanks to Ergotech’s Freedom Dual Desk Stand, which provides stability and support in mounting up to four 24” monitors!  Not only does this product ensure productivity by enabling the simultaneous use of multiple monitors, but the patented quick-release adjustment pivots that come standard allow you to position each monitor in a way that suits your custom needs and guarantees complete comfort in the workplace.

The Freedom Desk Stand line offers both a Dual and Triple monitor solution.  The Dual allows you to mount up to four 24” monitors, while the Triple (which offers Telescoping Wings as an option) allows you to mount up to six 27” monitors!

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Written by Julia Cavaliere & Kate Fucci – 
Ergotech Group, INC.
June 10, 2013