Monday, July 22, 2013

The Apple iMac and the Freedom Arm

Have you ever been frustrated with the lack of space that your current iMac monitor mount provides you with on your desk? Have you ever wished you had more space at your desk to effectively complete other tasks while simultaneously working on your iMac?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then the Freedom Arm by Ergotech Group is the solution for you! The Freedom Arm for the iMac is a unique monitor mounting arm that easily mounts to any standard desk, frees up the valuable desk space that you deserve, and allows your iMac monitor to move freely around the workspace. With the Freedom Arm at your disposal, you can sit in a perfectly comfortable upright position at your desk and bring your iMac monitor to you with “just the flick of a wrist”, according to Sarnie McCaskill of NBucketTV. By enabling you to extend your iMac screen out directly in front of you and position it at any angle that is most comfortable for you, the Freedom Arm allows you to work in complete ergonomic comfort as the versatility it creates for your iMac prevents any strain on your eyes, neck, shoulders, or back.

In a YouTube product review video, Sarnie McCaskill mounts his iMac using the Freedom Arm and then demonstrates the ease with which he is able to move his iMac once it is mounted. Using only one hand, he marvels, “I can move my monitor wherever I want on my desk, however I wanna move it. See that? Easy. [The Freedom Arm] gives you all kinds of movement. […] It’s just one of the best products I’ve ever reviewed.” McCaskill gives the Freedom Arm a 6 out of 5 and calls it a “must have”. At the end of the video, he concludes, “This device, I can’t see myself without one of these now.”

The Freedom Arm line offers a single monitor solution for the iMac. With this solution, you can adjust your iMac monitor height, enjoy full range of motion for your iMac monitor, and be able to tilt it up 90°, down 45°, pan 180°, and rotate 360°! Ergotech provides you with everything you need to install the Freedom Arm, including the adaptor plate for the iMac (a $39 value). All Freedom Arms come with a 3 Year Warranty!

For more information about Ergotech’s Freedom Arm line, please CLICK HERE.

To watch Sarnie McCaskill’s product review video for the Freedom Arm, CLICK HERE.

Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
July 22, 2013