Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Benefits to Ergotech’s Product Line

There are so many benefits to Ergotech’s versatile product line.  Ever buy a product and realize it was the wrong one? Or the wrong model? Or just not exactly what you were hoping for???

Of course you have! Who hasn’t?! You get all excited when that package comes in the mail or when you bring it home from the store. You tear through it in a matter of seconds like it’s Christmas morning all over again. Only to realize as you take the parts out that it doesn’t have everything you need to properly set up.
This is a frequent problem that occurs with the purchasing of monitor mounts. Someone spends hours online searching for the right model that will give them everything they desire. They call or email each company trying to find out as much information as they can. Then, after finally choosing the “perfect one,” purchasing it and within only a short period of time of using it, they realize, “I think I’m going to need another monitor.” Now many companies will tell you, “ Unfortunately you are going to have to buy a new mount in order to add additional monitors.” Or, “This product is limited to only one monitor.” Now you’re stuck with your single monitor mount lying in the corner collecting dust and taking up space and going through all the websites again just to find that, “perfect one”. Don’t forget about the fact that you will now have to spending even more money than you were hoping shipping it back (or in some cases) being stuck with your purchase. This, however, is not the case with Ergotech Group’s products.
Many of the products designed by Ergotech have the versatility to be altered in various ways. Whether you want more monitors or less, need a different interface to attached to the inside or outside of the desk, or want more articulation. Ergotech will be able to give you exactly what you’re looking for…. guaranteed!
Ranging from the Freedom Desk Stands to the APEX multi-monitor units, each gives you a different option to help provide the best set up for your workstation. Take for example some of the frequent questions Ergotech gets… “I currently have your triple desk stand and want to add another monitor to it, what are my options?” Or… “I have your dual monitor mount and want to convert to a triple…how can I do this?” These are questions we see on a weekly basis and being able to solve these and other issues alike make Ergotech Group the best option for all your monitor mount wishes.
With just a quick email or phone call, an Ergotech product specialist will be able to tell you exactly what parts you’ll need, provide instructions on how to set up, and which are the best resellers to purchase each part from. This makes the ordering (and re-ordering) process quick, painless, and stress-less for everyone!
So when purchasing a monitor mount, forget about all of the places claiming that “have what you need.” Go with a company that can give you exactly what you need, and the option to change your purchase whenever you see fit.
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Written by Tim Conroy
August 28, 2013