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VersaStand - The Portable Mounting Solution for Your iPad

Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
July 24, 2013


It is no secret that Apple’s iPad is one of the hottest technological devices on today’s market.  In fact, the iPad tablet computer has become so popular that it can be considered partially to blame for the slowing of today’s PC sales.  The popularity and growth of the iPad was unprecedented from the very beginning.  The device was first introduced in April of 2010, and by June of 2011, Apple had already sold 25 million of them.  Even further, in the first seven full quarters after the release of the iPad, Apple had sold 55 million of the devices.  Talk about a popular gadget.

With the extraordinary success of Apple’s iPad came the inevitable production of countless accessories for the device.  The great number and variety of iPad accessories on the market today can actually be quite overwhelming when shopping for a case or stand for your own iPad.  Fortunately for you, Ergotech Group has exponentially simplified the process of choosing the right accessory for your iPad by inventing the VersaStand.  According to CNET, this “full-on bendable multi-angle armature for the iPad” is the “best iPad desktop accessory yet”.

But what’s so special about this stand??  You might ask.

The VersaStand is a one-of-a-kind folding aluminum Desk Stand for the iPad 2, 3, 4 and Mini.  It is perfect for students, business professionals, healthcare professionals, and just about anyone else who owns an iPad. Composed of industrial strength aluminum and weighing just slightly over 1 pound, the VersaStand is the first portable iPad stand in today’s market.  Its ability to fold down to a thickness of just 1.5 inches enables easy transport during travel.  CNET considers the VersaStand to be “aces in design” as it provides secure stability for your iPad and allows its screen to be viewed at optimal, ergonomic, glare-free angles.  The Desk Stand has 3 fully articulating movement points which are all sturdy enough to keep your iPad “wobble-free in all positions”, according to CNET’s VersaStand review.  The stand allows for 360 degree rotation of your iPad which enables you to effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape orientation.   It comes complete with a rubberized hard case that is Smartcover compatible and provides comfortable non-slip grip for your device.


Connecting your iPad to the VersaStand takes just seconds thanks to its quick connect interface.  All you have to do is simply place your iPad into the rubberized hard case and snap it into the stand with ease!!  Then you can watch as your iPad becomes the most versatile gadget you own while the VersaStand increases your ability to utilize your iPad in multiple environments.

With the VersaStand connected, your iPad will fit perfectly on a desk as a second monitor next to a laptop or desktop setup.  You might even set up a keyboard in front of your iPad and VersaStand so as to allow your iPad to become that remarkably lightweight desktop you’ve always wanted in your office.  Connected to your iPad, the VersaStand will also make for a portable yet sturdy holder for watching movies or TV shows, for video chatting with friends and family, or even for reading recipes or listening to music while cooking in the kitchen!!

In addition to being ergonomically correct, lightweight, flexible, portable, and extremely easy to use, the silver finish of the VersaStand perfectly matches the color of the iPad, thus giving the stand a sleek and professional look.

According to a VersaStand review by Jim Lewis, “the VersaStand is just great all around. […] It’s hard to find anything really wrong with the VersaStand.”  At the end of his article, Lewis concludes, “Need an iPad stand? This one is the only one you’ll want!”

So thanks to Ergotech Group and the upcoming release of the VersaStand, the search for the perfect accessory for your Apple iPad will no longer be a stressful one.

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