Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Use A Standing Desk? Part 3: The Next Hottest Thing in the Workplace

The final chapter in the BIG question…”Why Use A Standing Desk???”
How would you respond if someone told you that you no longer have to sit at your desk for hours at a time in order to get your work done each day?   You would say they were crazy, right?   And then you would probably tell them to quit wasting your time and let you get back to your work.
But what if they were telling the truth? What if it were actually possible to get your work done from a position other than a sedentary, passive one? What if you could engage in natural activity throughout your workday in order to keep your body healthy and active while simultaneously getting your work done? That would be ideal, wouldn’t it?!
Well, thanks to the rapidly expanding market for adjustable desk systems, this ideal scenario has become a reality!!
In our last two posts, we have discussed the numerous risks associated with too much sitting and the importance of integrating healthy movement into your day. We also talked about research and studies that have been done on the consequences of too much sitting as well as on the benefits of switching between sitting and standing in the workplace. We mentioned that it is this research that has been driving companies and individuals today to turn to nontraditional desk systems as the solution to prolonged sitting in the workplace. These desk systems are considered “nontraditional” because they allow users to alternate between sitting, standing, and sometimes even walking at their workstations throughout the day. Pretty impressive, huh?
In addition to the research that has been conducted on sitting, standing, and alternating between these positions in the workplace, studies have been done to determine the importance of the adjustability of office workstations. Such studies have demonstrated that each component of an individual’s workstation should ideally provide a certain level of adjustability. This is because a workstation that is “best fit” for its user’s body type and individual preferences will result in the most significant improvements to the worker’s health, comfort, and productivity.
As a result of these studies, companies have been growing more and more interested in purchasing adjustable workstations for their employees. Not only this, but instead of buying these adjustable workstations only for those who are already injured, companies are starting to purchase them for all employees so as to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.
Moreover, it is becoming clearer than ever that in order to run a productive company, the ergonomic needs of all employees in the workplace must be met. Even further, companies are realizing that in order to meet the ergonomic needs of a productive workplace, they need to focus on creating healthy office environments that encourage activity and exercise by investing in the latest innovation in ergonomics – height-adjustable workspaces and desks.
A height-adjustable desk is one that allows you to raise and lower your work surface at any given moment with just the push of a button, thus enabling you to alternate between sitting and standing whenever you choose throughout your workday. Height-adjustable workspaces create the ideal balance between the demands of the workplace and the needs of your own body. They are designed to promote health and maximum comfort for users of all different sizes. All employees should be given the option to use a height-adjustable desk because everyone should have the ability to be as healthy, comfortable, and productive as possible in the workplace.
With a height-adjustable workspace solution, you will never again feel trapped sitting in that same slumped-over, stiff position at your desk all day. Instead, you will be able to sit, stand, and change position with ease at any point in the day without having to pause your work for one second! By enabling you to switch positions at any given moment throughout the day, a height-adjustable desk system will encourage healthy movement and natural activity. This will increase your circulation and energy levels, speed up your metabolism, and stimulate brain activity. It will also improve posture and employee engagement, fight fatigue, and increase productivity in the workplace.
The demand for height-adjustable workspaces is rapidly increasing today as more people are learning about the dangers of too much sitting (discussed in Part 1: The Bad News About Too Much Sitting) and the benefits of being able to switch between sitting and standing in the workplace (discussed in Part 2: The Good News About Standing). Evidently, the height-adjustable desk is the new must-have for the office environment in today’s market. In an effort to improve the health, comfort, and productivity of employees, companies worldwide are jumping on the bandwagon of installing adjustable sit-stand desks in their office environments, and as they are doing so, it is becoming evident that the workplace will never go back to the stagnant desk.
With that said, it seems necessary to introduce the all new Sit Stand by Ergotech Group’s Freedom Line, an easy to use and assemble workspace solution that enables you to raise your work surface up to 20 inches off your desk. This is the highest range of vertical travel of any system in today’s market!! Unlike other designs, Ergotech’s state of the art modular monitor mounting system is a tool-less design that can hold up to four 30-inch monitors and rear-mounts to your desk as-is. This allows for the use of the entire workspace and prevents you from having to do away with your current desk. You can convert between 1, 2, 3, or 4 monitors and move the system from one desk to another with ease. The rock solid stability of this height-adjustable desk system is designed to support up to 150 pounds, the greatest total weight capacity of any adjustable workstation today! Powered by an electric motor, the Sit Stand by Ergotech requires just the push of a button to keep you and your employees ergonomically happy and productive throughout your workday!!
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Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
August 12, 2013