Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ergotech’s Apex Series: The Solution to the Trading World

Ever see a trading floor and wonder how someone got all those monitors in front of them?  Or why someone would need that many monitors?

In the trading and financial realm, speed is everything.  At a moments notice a trader needs to know when the stock is being traded, if it has gone up or down, the market news, etc.  Knowing all of this information can be the difference between gaining or losing 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars.  In the trading world every second counts!
Now the question still lies why would traders need so many monitors?
I know I’ve seen movies like “Wall Street” and “Wall Street 2- Money Never Sleeps”…where the main characters are looking at 6 or 7 monitors that look, to me, like just a bunch of numbers.   Then within a couple of seconds they’re calling someone or sending over email and either have a look of shock and awe or a look of grief right after.  To me I still have no clue what is going on, but in fact that trader has just gained or lost a substantial amount of money.  On most of these monitors a trader will have the market news, the stocks they are tracking, their email, consumer spending numbers and the major headlines.  All of this so they are able to assess the risk and make a quick decision to make a profit for their clients.   Needless to say being a trader means you need to be able to multi-task and what better way to be able to that then with 8 monitors in front of you.  Making it easier to see everything that is important to you and not having to flip from window to window on one monitor to see everything.  That would just be annoying and may result in more losses than gains.
But, how do they get all those monitors in front of them?
Here is where Ergotech Group can step in and help.  Our Apex series is the perfect solution for any financial company or trader.  With multiple configurations ranging from just 2 monitors up to 10 in a single mounting point.  Ergotech’s Apex series will be able to provide any trader with enough monitors to help gain an advantage in the trading atmosphere.  With the option of having monitors from 19” to 30”, the Apex series is the only monitor mounting product in the world to accommodate those sizes all while giving the user multiple viewing angles.  With Ergotech’s patented Quick Release Pivots, the Apex can hold up to 25lb. monitors and pivot up 20º and 10º …PLUS, Ergotech’s tool-less set up makes the Apex series easy to install…having you up and running in a short matter of time.
The Apex series allows for a single plane of movement up and down of all the tiled screens simultaneously with the vertical height adjustment handle.  It is available in both slat wall and flush mount interfaces and a multitude of colors.  Thus, allowing for many different needs and proper viewing angles for various users.  With clients ranging from Wells Fargo, Bank of America and even Government Agencies, the Apex series is proven to be a solid multi-monitor solution.
For further information on our Apex series and where to purchase visit our website: www.ergotechgroup.com/apex

Written by Tim Conroy, Ergotech Group