Monday, September 30, 2013

Ergotech’s Freedom Desk Stand: The Flexible and Expandable LCD Monitor Mounting Solution

Would you like to be able to simultaneously mount multiple computer monitors at your desk so as to increase your productivity in the workplace? Additionally, would you like to maximize your desk space and work in complete ergonomic comfort? Since I am pretty confident that there aren’t many people out there who would respond to these questions with an answer other than “yes”, I strongly urge you to keep on reading for more information about excellent LCD monitor mounting solutions that will enable you to be more productive, efficient, and comfortable in the workplace!!

The Freedom Desk Stands by Ergotech Group are designed by experts to mount up to six computer monitors at a time and provide you with effortless monitor adjustment and instant, personalized ergonomic comfort. Ergotech’s patented Quick Release multi-adjustment pivots will enable you to position your LCD monitors to suit your individual preferences so that you can work in complete comfort every single day. With Ergotech’s Freedom Desk Stands, you can adjust your monitors left, right, up, and down, and spontaneously switch between portrait and landscape mode whenever you desire.
Let’s start with the Freedom Dual Desk Stand, the ideal solution for mounting two monitors at a time. This freestanding lightweight system is composed of industrial strength steel and aluminum, which provides durable and stable support for your 24″ monitors. This flexible and expandable solution will allow you to place the system anywhere on your desk, move it from one location to another, and expand from 2 to 4 monitors with ease! The patented Quick Release Pivots with which this system comes will ensure easy setup and adjustment at all times. The mounting pivots and vertical poles of the Freedom Dual Desk Stand are interchangeable with other Ergotech products, which means all you have to do is simply add the necessary components, attach your extra monitors, and you will be good to go! It doesn’t get much simpler than that!!!
Additionally, Ergotech offers the Free Standing Expandable Triple Desk Stand, a multi-monitor mounting solution that is great for any business professional as well as anyone who might be involved in the gaming industry! Similar to the Freedom Dual Desk Stand, the Triple Desk Stand also comes with Ergotech’s patented Quick Release Pivots, which facilitate easy setup and adjustment. This incredibly versatile solution offers Ergotech’s unique Telescoping Wings, which enhance the flexibility and adjustability of this excellent multi-monitor desk stand. The Telescoping Wings extend 5″ on each side of the Desk Stand system, providing you with greater viewing flexibility and allowing you to mount even larger monitors – up to 27”! This Heavy Duty stand option for the Triple Desk Stand frees up your desk space and allows the whole system to be moved freely around your desk with ease. The Telescoping Wings will enable you to spontaneously expand your workstation up to six monitors in size without taking up any more of your valuable desk space!!
Each version of the Freedom Desk Stand by Ergotech Group offers unparalleled flexibility, lightweight stability, and adjustability for the mounting of your computer monitors, and these reliable multi-monitor mounting solutions come with a Lifetime Warranty!!
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by, Julia Cavaliere
Ergotech Group