Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Alleviate Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain in the Workplace

It’s important to learn how to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain in the workplace.  Strain on the eyes, neck pain and shoulder fatigue are all extremely common problems that may result from the improper positioning of your computer monitor in the workplace.  Back pain, strain on the spinal cord, and blurred vision are also potential consequences of failing to ergonomically position your monitor.  Unfortunately, many people think that they must endure such awful pains and discomforts because they simply “come with the territory” of working eight hours a day at an office desk.  However, these people could not be any farther from the truth.

Let’s start with the proper workstation ergonomics that pertain to how to properly position your monitor on your work surface in order to prevent all of the aforementioned distresses.  First, your monitor screen should be strategically positioned so as to prevent any overhead or window light from causing a glare.  In order to avoid straining your neck, the top edge of your monitor screen should be exactly at eye level.  This will allow you to see everything on your screen clearly without having to look up at all.  Additionally, your monitor should be placed approximately 18 to 28 inches, about an arm’s length, away from your eyes, and your body should be perfectly centered in front of your monitor and keyboard.
With all of that said, in order to position your monitor according to the proper workstation ergonomics described above, Ergotech Group has designed a wide range of innovative workspace solutions that are guaranteed to make the workplace more comfortable for you.  For instance, the Freedom Arm line, which offers a Single monitor solution for the iMac and both a Single and Double monitor solution for the PC, enables you to adjust your monitor height, enjoy full range of motion for your monitor(s), and tilt your monitor(s) up 90°, down 45°, pan 180°, and rotate 360°!  The Freedom Arm solution by Ergotech consists of a fully articulating monitor mounting arm that easily mounts to any standard desk and allows you to move your monitor(s) freely around the workspace using only one hand.  This feature will enable you to easily adjust the distance between you and your monitor so as to prevent any unnecessary strain that might otherwise be placed on your eyes, neck, or back.
In addition to the Freedom Arm solutions, Ergotech’s One-Touch LCD Desk Mount is a cost-effective yet powerful solution that will allow you to adjust your monitor’s height and position with just one finger!  Similarly, the One-Touch Dual Monitor Arm mounts two 24” monitors and allows for up to 360° rotation and -40° to +90° tilt!!  Most of Ergotech’s workspace solutions also come with patented Quick Release Pivots for easy setup and adjustment which will pivot up 20° and down 10°. Evidently, these Pivots will further contribute to the flexibility and adjustability of your monitors when they are mounted on one of Ergotech’s ergonomic monitor mounting solutions.

To learn more about how to prevent strain on the eyes, neck and back pain, and shoulder fatigue in the workplace, please visit for more information about Ergotech Group’s product line.

Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, Inc.

October 3, 2013