Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ergotech’s Patented “Quick Release Pivots”

If you are at all familiar with Ergotech’s product line, I think it is safe to assume that you are also familiar with Ergotech’s patented Quick Release Pivots.  The reason that I make this assumption is because these incredibly innovative mounting pivots largely contribute to the functionality, adjustability, and flexibility of most of Ergotech’s product line.  If you are not familiar with these pivots, then you are in for a real treat!

Most of Ergotech’s products come fully equipped with these patented Quick Release Pivots in order to facilitate easy setup and adjustment of your computer monitors.  Remarkably, these pivots can tilt 20 degrees up, 10 degrees down, and pan approximately 25 degrees left and right, allowing you to freely pan and tilt your display in order to ensure that it is in the precise position in front of you that you desire.  Because these mounting pivots are used in most of Ergotech’s product line, they are interchangeable with other Ergotech products.
The phrase “Quick Release” refers to the spring that is located on the back of each pivot which allows you to take your monitors on and off of the bars to which they are mounted with ease, whenever you wish to do so.  This spring ensures that you can just snap your display right onto the mounting device without having to use any complicated tools.  Even better, this spring, which is located on each pivot, fits right into the groove in the mounting bar so that you can easily slide your monitors left and right on the bar and place them exactly where you choose.  Ergotech has strategically designed their mounting bars with screws at the end of each one in order to ensure that when you slide the pivots left and right, your monitors will not fall off.
These Quick Release pivots are only offered by Ergotech!!!  While many other companies’ monitor mounting stands require at least two people and a great deal of patience to setup, adjust, and remove monitors that are already mounted, Ergotech’s patented Quick Release Pivots allow you to easily take your monitors on and off of the mounting stand and adjust their positioning all by yourself!  As a result, Ergotech’s pivots make Ergotech’s mounting solutions more adjustable than any other solution on the market today.  These pivots also provide you with more freedom than ever when mounting your monitors.
Ergotech offers two different options for the Quick Release pivots: the Standard Pivot and the Height-Adjustable Pivot.  Both options are available in black and silver, and the difference is that the height-adjustable option provides you with an extra inch and a half of space to move your displays up and down in order to help you tile your monitors perfectly on the mounting device.
So when deciding between the many different computer monitor mounting solutions that are available on the market today, if you believe in the importance of adjustability and user-friendliness, choose Ergotech.

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Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
November 27, 2013