Monday, January 27, 2014

The Signature Features of the Ergotech Monitor Desk Stands

As Ergotech continues to produce ergonomic workspace solutions that are guaranteed to increase productivity, comfort, and satisfaction both in the workplace and at home, our unique spirit of innovation has allowed us to develop the perfect desk stand with four key features you do not want to miss out on!

Let’s start with the installation process.  Ergotech’s Monitor Desk Stands are designed to ensure that everyone, no matter how technologically skilled you might be, can install them quickly and easily without a problem. Ergotech is known for their ability to produce workspace solutions that require tool-less, quick, and simple product installation. The key words here are tool-less, quick, and simple. When these three words are used to describe an installation process, you cannot go wrong. The Ergotech experts have strategically designed all versions of the Freedom Desk Stand to be installed in the following three simple steps:
1. First, you must insert the pole into the base and tighten the set-screw with the included Allen key.
2. Next, just slip on the crossbar and tighten the pole clamp.
3. Finally, using Ergotech’s patented Quick Release Pivots, all that’s left to do is simply place your monitors on the crossbar, and voilĂ , your desk stand is completely installed and ready for use!
Quite conveniently, the third and final step of this installation process brings us to the second unique feature of Ergotech’s desk stands: Ergotech’s patented Quick Release Pivots. Now, if you are at all familiar with Ergotech’s product line, I think it is probably safe to assume that you are also familiar with Ergotech’s Quick Release Pivots. I feel confident in making such an assumption because these incredibly innovative mounting pivots largely contribute to the functionality, adjustability, and flexibility of most of Ergotech’s product line. They facilitate easy and instant setup of your desk stand as well as effortless monitor adjustment. Each Quick Release Pivot has a spring located on the back, which provides you with the ability to simply snap your monitor right onto the mounting device without having to use any complicated tools. This spring allows you to take your monitors on and off of the desk stand arm with ease, whenever you wish to do so. As awesome as this sounds, it gets even better. These pivots can tilt 20 degrees up, 10 degrees down, and pan approximately 25 degrees left and right, allowing you to freely adjust your display until it reaches the precise position that is most desirable and comfortable for you. Even further, the spring on the back of each pivot fits right into the groove in the mounting bar, enabling you to easily slide your monitors left and right on the bar and place them wherever you choose. Finally, in order to remove your monitor from the desk stand, simply tilt your monitor back, pull up the release pin on the pivot, and lift your display off of the desk stand arm. It’s as simple as that. You will not find these revolutionary pivots anywhere else!!!
Next on the list of Ergotech’s unique desk stand features are the remarkable Telescoping Wings which can provide you with up to 5 extra inches of extension on each side of the desk stand arm. This feature can allow you to mount up to three 27 inch monitors on one desk stand! All you have to do to activate these wings is simply unscrew the extension knobs and slide out the mounting bar to the exact position that you desire!!
Finally, in addition to the legendary Quick Release Pivots, Ergotech’s desk stand offers Height Adjustable Pivots as well. These Height Adjustable Pivots make it possible for you to perfectly tile your monitors across your desk stand. In doing so, these pivots provide you with the freedom to choose your own custom viewing angles for each monitor. Much like the Quick Release Pivots, the Height Adjustable Pivots can also tilt 20 degrees up, 10 degrees down, and pan 25 degrees left and right.
As if all of these incredible features aren’t enough, all Ergotech Desk Stands come with a Lifetime Warranty! They are all free-standing as they are designed to sit perfectly on your desktop without the use of a single clamp. These desk stands are composed of industrial strength steel and aluminum in order to ensure lightweight stability. Finally, thanks to the convertibility and adjustability of all Ergotech Desk Stands, you can expand your display up to 6 monitors!!
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Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
January 27, 2014