Friday, February 7, 2014

The 320 Series Arms by Ergotech – Because What’s Innovation Without Reliability?

Not only are the experts at Ergotech committed to their exceptional tool-less engineering, but they are fully dedicated to producing LCD monitor mounting solutions designed to make the workplace more comfortable, more functional, and ultimately more productive. With that in mind, what could possibly make the workplace more productive and efficient than Ergotech’s 320 Series Arm – the cost effective monitor arm that is loaded with tons of exciting and innovative features?!
You’ve probably heard by now that Ergotech’s product line places great emphasis on functionality, adjustability, and flexibility. As a result, the 320 Series Arm comes in two different sizes – the One-Touch LCD Single Monitor Arm and the One-Touch LCD Dual Monitor Arm. Let’s start with the 320 Series Single Monitor Arm. This articulating arm is not only cost effective, but it is also capable of providing you with a mind-blowingly powerful solution to your mounting needs. Remarkably, this monitor arm can allow you to easily adjust both the height and position of your monitor with the touch of just one fingertip – hence the name “One-Touch”. Even further, this one-touch monitor arm allows for a vertical height range of up to 11 inches up or down for your monitor! The 320 Series Single Monitor Arm is constructed with a built-in spring tension gauge which contributes to its ability to mount monitors of various sizes (up to 24 inches) and weights (up to 25 pounds). Composed of industrial strength polished aluminum, this monitor arm offers excellent durability and enhanced aesthetics.
Quite similarly, Ergotech’s One-Touch LCD Dual Monitor Arm provides you with the option of mounting not one but two 24-inch monitors simultaneously with ease and stability. This incredibly innovative mounting solution allows for up to 360 degrees of rotation and between -40 and +90 degrees of tilt for your monitors. This monitor arm is available with multiple cable management system options, and it is ergonomically designed to provide you with adjustment in absolutely any position!
Both the single and dual 320 Series solutions can be mounted to your workspace with either a desk clamp or a grommet mount. Each arm is strategically designed to fold up to occupy just 5 inches of space. The One-Touch 320 Series Monitor Arm is 75mm and 100mm VESA Compatible, and both the single and the dual model come in Black and Silver. Due to the outstanding reliability of this articulating monitor arm, the 320 Series Arm comes with a 5 Year Warranty.
Overall, Ergotech’s 320 Series Arms provide you with the perfect combination of exceptional innovation and remarkable reliability because, after all, what’s innovation without reliability?!
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Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
February 7, 2014