Monday, February 3, 2014

Why Ergotech’s Triple Desk Stand Trumps All

In our last post, we discussed the four signature features of Ergotech’s Monitor Desk Stands. First, we explained the three simple steps of the installation process for Ergotech’s Freedom Desk Stands. We emphasized Ergotech’s commitment to strategically designing all versions of the Freedom Desk Stand to ensure that everyone can install them quickly and easily without a problem. Next, we discussed the legendary Quick Release Pivots, patented by Ergotech, which largely contribute to the functionality, adjustability, and flexibility of Ergotech’s product line. We stressed the ability of these innovative mounting pivots to facilitate easy and instant setup of your desk stand as well as effortless monitor adjustment. Additionally, we mentioned the remarkable Telescoping Wings which provide you with five extra inches of extension on each side of the mounting arm as well as the opportunity to mount up to three 27 inch monitors on one desk stand. Finally, as if all of the advantages of the Quick Release Pivots are not enough, we discussed Ergotech’s Height Adjustable Pivots, which enable you to perfectly tile your monitors across your desk stand and choose your own custom viewing angles for each individual monitor. We mentioned how, much like the Quick Release Pivots, Ergotech’s Height Adjustable Pivots allow you to tilt your monitors 20 degrees up, 10 degrees down, and pan them 25 degrees left and right. Now, in case there is even the slightest chance that you are, for some reason, still not convinced about Ergotech’s highly versatile and adjustable desk stands, I am here to provide you with an overwhelmingly thorough competitive analysis on Ergotech’s Triple Desk Stands. This analysis is meant to provide you with the indisputable facts which support how the triple desk stands of Ergotech’s main competitors do not even begin to compare to the Ergotech Triple Desk Stand.

For starters, although all of Ergotech’s main competitors (Ergotron, Peerless, and Chief) offer convertibility options for their triple desk stands, none of them provide users with the ability to pan their monitors. In other words, Ergotech’s Triple Desk Stand is the only one on the market today that provides users with convertibility options as well as the ability to pan their monitors. While the designs of Ergotech, Ergotron, Peerless, and Chief all offer cable management and approximately 180-360 degree monitor rotation, Chief is the only other design (besides Ergotech’s) that provides you with the ability to tilt your monitors. Additionally, Ergotron is the only other company (besides Ergotech) that offers a weight capacity of greater than 25 pounds per monitor.
Regarding maximum monitor size, Ergotron’s Triple Desk Stand can mount monitors up to 26 inches in size, and Peerless’s Triple Desk Stand can only mount up to 19 inch monitors. Therefore, Chief’s design is the only one that measures up to Ergotech’s maximum monitor size of 27 inches.
Although this was probably made clear in last week’s post, Ergotech’s Triple Desk Stand is the only design that offers all four of the following signature features: a quick and easy installation process, patented Quick Release Pivots, Telescoping Wings, and the versatile Height Adjustable Pivots. Finally, among Ergotech’s main competitors, Ergotron, Peerless, and Chief, Ergotech is the only company that grants a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their Triple Desk Stands, which clearly indicates that Ergotech believes in and stands behind their desk stands more than any other company today.
With all of that said, I think it’s safe to conclude that Ergotech’s Triple Desk Stand blows its competition away!! Between the patented Quick Release Pivots, the Telescoping Wings, the Height Adjustable Pivots, and the Lifetime Warranty, you cannot possibly go wrong with the Triple Desk Stand by Ergotech.  Click here to learn all about the Ergotech Desk Stands.

Written by Julia Cavaliere – Ergotech Group, INC.
February 3, 2014