Thursday, April 3, 2014

Because You Can’t Go Wrong with Convertibility

I’m sure that by now you are familiar with the idea that your level of comfort in the workplace has the ability to significantly influence your productivity, efficiency, and, ultimately, your success on a daily basis.  Additionally, I hope that by now, in light of some of our most recent posts, you have put the pieces together  to realize that, with the help of Ergotech’s exceptional tool-less engineering and high quality product design, your workplace has the ability to not only become more comfortable than ever, but also to be transformed into the ultimate productivity haven.  If you have yet to come to either of these conclusions, allow me to introduce you to the 200 Series Arm.

An incredibly cost-effective solution for simultaneously mounting up to four 27-inch monitors, Ergotech’s 200 Series Articulating Monitor Arm is the industry leader in multi-screen mounting.  Most remarkably, the 200 Series Arm is famous for the three “-abilities”:

1.    Stability
2.    Durability
3.    Convertibility

While the first two are pretty self-explanatory, “-ibility” #3 could certainly use some explanation.  For starters, the 200 Series Articulating Arm has been strategically designed by the experts at Ergotech to ensure that it allows for customized monitor positioning.  Now I understand that I speak of this concept, “customized monitor positioning”, quite frequently – so much so that you might even be wondering what exactly this means.  For this reason, in order to eliminate any confusion, I would like to define this term for you:

Customized monitor positioning: the ability for you to decide exactly how you would like your monitor(s) to be setup in your workspace, right down to the precise angle of tilt with which you wish to display each monitor.  The key notion here with the 200 Series Arm (as well as with the rest of Ergotech’s innovative product line) is that, not only do you have the ability to decide exactly how you wish your monitor(s) to be displayed, but you also have the ability to change this positioning with ease and without any complicated tools at any given point throughout your day!

Now that I have qualified this term, I think it’s safe to say that, with the 200 Series Articulating Arm at your disposal, any ordinary task in the workplace will be easier than ever, whether it be viewing financial data, reviewing important documents, conducting research on the web, you name it!  The 200 Series Arm allows you to easily slide your monitor(s) up and down on the mounting pole to meet your specific height requirements.  This prevents you from having to spend eight hours of your day uncomfortably slouching at your desk chair!  Furthermore, you can use the adjustable pivots (with which this monitor mount comes) to move your monitor(s) left, right, up, and down, and to alternate between portrait and landscape orientations.

With all of that said, I must inform you that Ergotech offers two different versions of the 200 Series Arm:

1.    The 200 Series Single Arm (with a 16” Pole)
2.    The 200 Series Dual Arm

While the Single Arm option is perfect for times when you only need one monitor, the Dual Articulating Arm allows you to display two monitors in either a horizontal or vertical configuration – whichever you choose.  (Just to clarify: if you do happen to purchase the Single Arm option, this version will still provide you with the ability to add additional monitor(s) in the future if you ever need or want to do so.)

Conveniently enough, when your monitor(s) are not in use, both designs will allow you to fold the articulating arm back toward the mounting pole in order to maximize the size of your workspace!  Finally, with the Single Arm, you have the option to choose between a flush, grommet, slat wall, desk clamp, or wall mount model, and, quite similarly, with the Dual Arm, you may select between a flush, grommet, slat wall, or desk clamp model.

Overall, the 200 Series Articulating Monitor Arm by Ergotech is, without a doubt, one of the most cost-effective and easily convertible monitor mounting solutions on the market today.  Both versions come with a Lifetime Warranty and are guaranteed to provide you with maximum comfort, productivity, and functionality in the workplace. 

Choose to optimize your comfort and purchase your 200 Series Arm today!

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