Friday, January 23, 2015

The 320 Series Monitor Arms by Ergotech

Here at Ergotech we’re all about making affordable, quality products that are both ergonomically friendly as well as user friendly.  The 320 series monitor arms follow this formula and will leave customers more satisfied than ever before. Do you really want to order an Ergotron LX, and find out it’s half the quality and twice the price? The 320 series comes in multiple models, the 320 Series Single Monitor Arm (1 Link or 2 Link), and 320 Series Dual Monitor Arm.  The 320 Series Single Monitor arm is not only extremely affordable ($56.99), it’s also the one of best monitor arms available, that’s what we call in the business “bang for your buck”. The range on this is an outstanding 11’’ up or down, due to the gas piston arm, allowing for easy and reliable monitor movement. That’s the range of motion that people dream about.  The state of the art gas arm also allows for monitors weighing up to an incredible 25lbs. The 320 series dual monitor setup allows for user to add a second monitor to their setup granted the monitors are 30” or less in size and also weigh between 0lbs to 25 lbs. That’s a combined total of 60’’ and 50lbs of monitors for those people who shy away from math. The mounting solutions allow for 360 degree monitor rotation and a tilt range from -40 to +90 degrees. This incredible variety of monitor placement allows for users to choose the very best ergonomic position for them. Now both the 320 series single mount and 320 series dual mount come with clamp and grommet mounting ability, allowing you the user to choose how to mount depending on their workplace or if their the type of person who just likes to switch it up .  The 320 series is also VESA compatible (75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm) meaning if you’re a unique individual with an iMac we have you covered as long as it’s an iMac VESA model. Lastly the 320 series is constructed with polished aluminum providing incredible durability and leaves it looking just plain B-E-Autiful. Remember for an affordable quality monitor arm nothing beats the 320 series by Ergotech.