Thursday, May 5, 2016

What's all the buzz about an ergonomic office?

What actually is Ergonomics? Simply put Ergonomics is the study of how a person works.

Who should be seeking out ergonomic office options? Everyone who is concerned about how they or their employees perform and feel.

Not sure how to go about achieving an ergonomic office? That’s where Ergotech comes in.

Why choose Ergotech:
Ergotech’s monitor mounting solutions are designed with how a person works in mind and ultimately what their needs are. They are designed to make the workplace more comfortable and more functional which in turn makes a person more productive.

Work smarter not harder.
Ergotech’s solutions help a person work smarter not harder. They are easily adjustable so the user can effortlessly change positions as the workday stiffness sets in.  When a person becomes tired but doesn’t have the option of changing positions, that tiredness doesn’t go away and productivity decreases. From Freedom Arms to One-Touch Sit-Stands, Ergotech’s solutions provide the freedom for a person to move positions while continuing to work throughout the day.

What Ergotech products are right for you?
Ergotech has a range of different products for a range of different tasks.

The Freedom Arm allow for a person to achieve the optimum ergonomic viewing angles that allow for a person to work for a longer time period without that workday stiffness setting in. They also free up desk space!

The One-Touch Sit-Stands are electric powered sit-stand workstations that retrofit to your existing desk! The One-Touch provides custom height adjustment and is available with monitor mounting or free standing base options. The electric button feature allows for seamless transition from sitting to standing while still maintaining the sturdy work environment.

     The best part…Freedom Arm and One-Touch both have integrated cable
     management system to help you steer clear of that cord cluttered desk!

The 100 Series Monitor Mounts are the only monitor desk stands that come standard with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. They are not only a great value but they are extremely durable as they are composed of industrial strength steel and aluminum but still ensures lightweight stability. You can expand your setup from 1 to 6 monitors! 

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